TAZ 4 for sale UK

Hi all,

Due to a house move and growing family my TAZ 4 is unfortunately now not getting the use it deserves given my significant investment in it, and as such I’m now considering selling it.

The printer has been great, I’ve printed and fitted the PLA fan shroud upgrade and also swapped out the y-axis rods and IGUS bearings with hardened rods and linear ball bearings which made a huge difference. I have the hardened rods and bearings to do the x-axis too but never got round to it so would include these too.

Also have 7 full or near-full rolls of various filaments including PLA, ABS, N-Vent, and HIPS - plus about 2/3 of a roll of red PLA currently on the printer, a coil of the esun cleaning filament, original user manual and a tube of the spare PET sheets from Lulzbot. The printer has had very little use due mainly to my time constraints and has been sat in my house unplugged for the last 6 months - but on the occasions I have been able to use it it prints very well and has been totally reliable.

Just floating this here in order to gauge any interest really, ideally I’d like to get £800-£1000 for the lot so if anyone is interested or wants more information please do get in touch. I live in Warwick in the Midlands, and given the size/weight/fragility of the printer and the fact that I no longer have the box the buyer would need to collect it as I don’t want to take the risk of shipping!

Many thanks,

Too bad thats over there. with the exchange rate and how easy it is to make a 4 into a 5, thats a really good deal

Cheers piercet, at least I know I’m shooting for a fair price then!