Taz 4 stopping mid-print...sometimes

I have a taz 4 and suddenly it is stopping mid-print. One thing that has me wondering is that the fan in the rambo enclosure is not on when the machine is running. Is that fan controlled or is it on all the time, I never noticed before. Thanks.

Depending on which firmware you are running, it should kick in automatically at the start of print. It may not be running at idle. If the Taz is stopping mid print that can be heat, or that can be USB or processor overhead on the host computer. Mine will sometimes do that as well on a very complex model driven from the PC. Try the same model from the SD card and see if the issue persists. If its only occuring on the SD card with no computer attached, you may have an overheating issue.

I think the Taz 4 firmware is only temperature controlled. So only runs when the board gets past a certain temp. But it sounds like your fan is not working. If you power on the printer it should run the fans for about 10 seconds on first power on. If it does not run then your board is overheating and you probably need a new control box fan.

Thanks. The fan had somehow become disconnected. I had checked it several times, but now it works, I think perhaps the plug came off the board and got reconnected improperly.

I forgot to mention it is flashed with the 5.0 firmware.