Taz 4 stuff & projects

Hello, here are a few pictures from what I’ve done to my Taz 4:

-There’s the enclosure my bf built for it out of melamine and some polyacrylic, everything stays in there so snug and it keeps nice and hot for ABS (around 37-42 depending on the time of day.)

-Hooked up the bare IKEA Dioders around the bed plate. Had to adjust the clips that we printed for ABS shrinkage. Might put the last one lighting from above.

-PEI sheet on the heated bed. This took a minute to dial in, because the glass transition temperature is so specific and close to the ABS adhesion temp, 108-109 on the Taz 4 & quadruple bed leveling. Used some crazy 3M adhesive sheet, even though it stuck so well I couldn’t get the PEI on completely straight, it tended to warp and pull away after the first print. Nothing major, just bubbles forming, had to squish these out and re-level - hence the quadruple leveling. The first test piece actually looked like it stuck so well, the wobble was minimized, and it had great definition and print quality.

We were contemplating etching the heated bed before putting on the PEI, so ran a test on how well the ABS masks the etching process. Next time it has to be stronger etchant before I will put on a pre-made heated bed. Hairspray helped make the ABS stick like cement to the bare squeaky clean glass.

Tell me what you think, or what you think I could have done differently. This PEI is really nice once its dialed in. Thanks for looking!

The etching stuff didn’t take too well… Don’t know if its just the composition of this specific glass, but making a heated bed from scratch that takes to etching shouldn’t be too hard :slight_smile:

Here’s a video of the Taz going really really fast lol

Good stuff PE! Thanks for sharing!

I like the enclosure with the spools on the outside compared with the lulzbot version with the spools on the inside. PEI was not a panacea for me, still had some lifting on the edges of my parts on long flat pieces but the middle stuck so well the part delaminated from itself…went back to PET for now.