Taz 6: Glass bed break??


I can’t believe what I am seeing… I woke up this morning to a beautiful finished print on my 6. It had completely cooled over night and the part literally came off the bed without any effort. However when I picked up the part I noticed my glass bed looked weird… a huge chunk of glass (under the print) broke off my bed!? :astonished:

I only printed in PETG and the bed was at ~80*C… Is this abnormal to see something like this happen??

See pics attached.


If you were printing just on glass that is common. Unless printing ninjaflex you typically need some barrier between bed and glass. PEI, glue stick, etc… Otherwise adhesion could be too great and tak a chip of the bed.

Yup, not a great idea printing on bare glass. On my first printer (before there were so many great bed materials like PEI) I lightly sandblasted a bed and it seemed to work great until about my 10th print and the it did exactly what yours did, took a chunk out of the bed. Mine the glass was stuck so well to the part I never got it off and had to throw the part away.

Does the taz 6 not have a PEI sheet come on the OEM print bed? My Taz 5 I bought came with one so I assumed the same for the 6… fack. I’ll likely buy a replacement one and pei sheet to suit…

Any recommendations on PEI brands?

This chunk of glass is right in one of the sweet spots for when I print larger models.

Did you perhaps get a TAZ 6 with the modular bed? If so, just flip the glass over, the PEI is on the other side.

Otherwise, I’ve not heard of a unit shipping from Lulzbot with out PEI on it.