Used market for Taz 5s?

Is there a market for used Taz 5s?

I bought into the hype and got one when they came out, printed some trinkets and got bored (lack of interesting projects/skill). The toolhead got plugged and I can’t get it unplugged despite best efforts (tried heating it up etc).

I’ve moved twice since and haven’t unboxed it (have the original box etc) - so I figure it’s probably time to move on. I’d like to sell it if I can but have no idea what it’s worth given that the hype is over and it’s a few generations old now.

I just did some Googling, and I found $850, $350, and $750, as just the first three hits, with about $225 for shipping for the first one.

I was curious because I own one. I was trying to figure out what a second one for parts would be worth to me, and I guess not that much, because replacement parts are easy enough to get.

So, you can upgrade a 5 to a BTT SKR 1.4 board ($70), put a BLTouch clone ($20) and an inexpensive, modern 1.75mm toolhead (like a Biqu H2 - $70 on sale) on it, and have a pretty damn good printer again. However, the used market for a 5 is pretty weak, since there’s much more capable machines for a fraction of the cost of the 5 new. You’d be lucky to get $500 for it in working condition, or $350 in its nonfunctional state.

In its current state, it requires somebody knowledgeable to upgrade it to usefulness, or to just properly clear that clog… which should be as easy as heating up the hot end, removing the nozzle, and probably putting a new nozzle in. Those Taz5 hot ends are amazingly easy to work on.

Shipping is expensive for them too, so your best bet is a local buyer and getting $300 for it… or finding a makerspace that could use/repair it and donate.