TAZ 5 Autobed Level Derived From TAZ Mini

I need the bottom of my prints to be flat and shiny smooth with no gaps between the extrusion paths. This can be accomplished after initial manual (paper drag test) bed leveling + several test prints to fine tune the bed’s leveling screws…what a pain .

Why is it taking so long to offer the TAZ Mini auto bed leveling upgrade for the TAZ 4 / 5? Are resources being devoted to this effort or are they tied up on the next iteration of the TAZ?

Kauri was also supposed to feature an auto-leveling bed similar to the Mini. However, if you need first-layer surface quality beyond achieving excellent adhesion, then a true auto-leveling probe, sampling the interior surface, may be more necessary.

IIRC, Aleph Objects has published some design files suggesting the current X-axes can deflect as much as 0.25mm in normal operation.

The current 10 mm X rods do deflect. Those documents are here: http://devel.lulzbot.com/TAZ/Kauri/production_docs/

If you look in the Lancewood files, they are looking at larger X rods and potentially using firmware correction for the deflection that remains. Then the four corner measurement method might be feasible on the larger Taz bed. Otherwise, it will need to sample the center of the bed along with the corners.

The center of my bed is 0.1 mm higher than the four courners, but I can painstakingly dial it in good-enough after a lot of fuss. If I could implement the TAZ Mini bed leveling w/ the option of inputting a z-offset to account for the 0.1 mm rise in the center that would be good enough. I know KISSlicer let’s me enter a z-offset, not sure about Cura.

We just need Lulzbot to offer the TAZ MIni upgrade kits and software for the big TAZ. Hopefully they won’t abandon their current big TAZ customers.

You might want to take a peek at the lancewood files under devel.lulzbot.com. I’ll give you a hint, look at the heated bed plate and the nozzle cleaner files.

I still want to know what the button is going to be for though!

Hey all, just wanted to post this to see if folks are still interested in the topic.

I bought some washers, did some wiring, downloaded the most recent Marlin from GitHub and touched it up for the TAZ, and voila, auto-leveling just like the Mini!

Prints are looking nice and flat as they should. My firmware is not pretty, and LCD screen options are limited, so I will fill that out and design some cleaner bed corners now. I could put together a kit if people wanted to just buy for a quick install.

Def. interested!

Sure put me on the list of interested parties.