TAZ 5 - Havent used in awhile and want to clean it up

I have a TAZ 5, but due to moving shenanigans and recent events its been sitting around un used for over a year. I want to clean it up and start using it again but not sure on what I need to do to properly clean it.

I was thinking at the very least to wipe down all the dust, re lubricate all the axis. and tighten the belts. I was even thinking of getting a new set a belts off the store.

Should this be enough to get it up and running? Or should I disassemble part of it to do a deeper clean?

I’m not sure on specifics that you will need, but hopefully the ohai can help you if you need to find factory specs https://ohai.lulzbot.com/group/a16b1f2d-5c1f-47fe-a83d-9d68cca5d62c/.

Yeah I think this should help alot.

Is there any recommendation on lubricant? Or is any silicone based grease good?

What are you trying to lubricate?? If im not mistaken the bearings are self lubricating and introducing outside lubricants will only harm them. You would be better off replacing the bearings in my opinion.

When I originally got the printer, there was a white grease on the Z-axis threaded rods. Since I’m going to be wiping the whole thing down, I figured I’d have to replace the existing grease as I’m not sure if a ton of dust has gotten into it or not. Or is that grease not even needed?

I checked the build instructions https://ohai.lulzbot.com/project/12c04097-7891-4be3-8bd6-80e00025e42b/a16b1f2d-5c1f-47fe-a83d-9d68cca5d62c/ and in the last step they do mention greasing the threaded rods. It recommends a white lithium grease. Your mileage may vary if you use others.