TAZ 6 - no greasing required on ANY axis?


First Lulzbot printer here. I have a new Taz 6 and read in the manual that no greasing is required for maintenance. Obviously I WON’T grease the drylin bearings or rods, but what about the lead screws?

I use Lucas White Lithium Grease on my other printers:

I have two lulzbot minis and and a TAZ 6 is on the way. I never thought of greasing them, neither needed it. I think you should be fine.

The threaded rods should periodically be wiped clean and given a light coat of silicone or lithium based grease.

Per Lulzbot: https://www.lulzbot.com/maintaining-your-3d-printer

Bang on, much appreciated!

Just as a note, the lithium grease was recommended on the TAZ 4 Z axis lead screws. We have since redesigned the X end motor and Idler, and have found it is not necessary.

However, it will not hurt anything if you would like to add it to your TAZ 6 Z axis lead screws. As you noted, just keep it off of the smooth rods as it will greatly reduce the life of the self lubricating bushings.

So I went a little crazy and slathered silcone grease all over every bit of exposed metal on things that moved on my printer… but have since wiped it down but there is clearly some still in the bushing. Should I just pop a new set in now or wait until I end up with artifacts?

Well, no need to fix anything until it is broken. I would highly suggest having the spare bushings on hand for when they do need to be replaced. With the grease on there, they will need to be replaced at some point.

It’ll just cause accelerated wear on the dry bushings, but even then it may very well be a long time for them to wear. An extra pair is always handy to have on hand though.