TAZ 5 help


I recently got the Taz 5 3D printer and had it worked wonderfully the first week but now i am running into a bit of a problem.

When i start a print the printer wont extrude the filliment and it seems like it is getting stuck and the wheel that feeds the hotend but if i stop the printer and manually extrude the filliment though Cura controle center it works fine, i have taken the tool head off and cleaned the feeding wheel but with out success

any ideas ?

Best regards Jóhannes from iceland :slight_smile:

Sometimes the small setscrew in the small gear comes loose after shipping. Check that it is down and tight and lined up with the flat spot on the motor shaft. Also make sure there is approximately 8mm between the two metal washers on either side of the spring that is on both idler latch tension bolts.

You may also have your nozzle too close to the bed for it to extrude. If you hear a scrapping clicking noise that’s probably it. Use the z height endstop target adjustment screw to move the nozzle a little further from the bed.

The Z axis is not going into the table. and when i press print it starts feeding the filliment then it just stops about 1 second into the print

Stops turning the large gear? Or plastic just stops coming out but the gear keeps turning? If the gear stops turning the small gear is loose. If plastic stops coming out then your latch spring tension is too low or you are too close to the bed.

i tried thightening the latch, ill try messing wit hthe Z axis tomorrow :slight_smile: will post result :slight_smile: