Taz 5 Horizontal Ridges

Hi, I’m having an issue I wanted to see if anyone has seen this or could help. I’m printing on a TAZ 5 and am getting some horizontal ridges or waves (see pic). I’ve printed these parts for quite some time on my TAZ 4 with no issues, but ever since I started printing on the 5, they have existed. Below are some details of the print. All settings and gcode are the same as my TAZ 4. I bet I can make some adjustments to the gcode, but I’d love input from others to potentially save time experimenting.

Material is 3mm black ABS from Lulzbot
Extruder temp is 242
No enclosure

Thanks in advance.

You look to have horizontal left to right banding. I would contact support, as it may be a bent Z rod…

I think the screw that holds the drive pulley to the stepper motor may be loose. When mine was loose I had this problem and eventually my prints would all lean to one side / aka drift left.

TBH I think this is fairly common and hard to fix problem with the printer. I’ve had this issue since day one and haven’t found a solution for it.