Taz 5 low spot in bed from heater wires

I have my bed corners level but there is a very pronounced low spot where the wired for the heater attach. I have tried adjusting the length and position of he zip tie but have only had moderate success. What is everyone else doing to correct this issue?

Is the Z axis level in relation to the y axis metal plate?

Yeah, the axis is level. All 4 corners are level also. The wires for the bed heater are so stiff that they forcibly lower the left center of the plate. I found a taz heated bed wire support on thingiverse that has helped the issue.



Is this a one off issue that I’m having or is it due to the design of the bed? I’m going to work on redesigning the bed leveling system and seperating the heater from the print surface so I can have replaceable print surfaces.

It’s not one that’s been raised in the past. I’m looking forward to see your bed system!

Here is the part i used to support the heater wires btw.


When I first got the TAZ 5, there was a spot on the glass/PEI bed which looked like it was seperating (air bubbles). Figured out later that it was from the silicone heater. Didn’t think much about it… though I did press on the bottom to validate that it was the silicone heater. I’d be surprised it was enough to put a dip in the glass… but it could be possible.

I have that same issue. Not real concerned with it as you indicate. I’ll take some photos tonight with the support on and off and show you.

Can’t get these to embed.

This one shows the bed pretty level with wires supported

This is with support removed

Seems like an easy enough solution. I really need to invest in a dial indicator.