Bed Leveling Woes

I am really hoping that someone can help me out here… I received my Taz 4 about a month ago and I have been trying to figure out this problem ever since with no real results. My Taz did arrive with shipping damage and I have had to replace the corner frame supports because they were broken before the Taz ever made it out of the box :frowning:

Since then I have re-squared everything. I have also assured the X-Axis rods are parallel to the glass bed and the bed assembly now sits flat against the the desk (which is also flat/level).

However, I am still running into problems with leveling the bed on my Taz. It seems like no matter what I do I run out of travel in both directions. The worst part is that it is that it happens in opposing corners. Meaning that, in order to get close to level, the front left and rear right clip are all of the way/almost all of the way tightened against the bed. Meanwhile, the front right is completely unscrewed and the back left is close to the same. This is the only configuration that has gotten my bed anywhere close to level, and it is very far from ideal.

I went ahead and included a graphic to better explain what is happening. Any help/ideas are greatly appreciated!


The leveling adjustment settings seem strange and they’re certainly contrary to my experience with my TAZ 3. I would check the X-Axis rod height measurements to the aluminum plate under the bed, and I would do it both when the bed is positioned most of the way forward and also when it’s most of the way back, to see if it changes. I wonder if that aluminum plate or maybe something else was warped/bent by whatever caused the other shipping damage. I would definitely contact Lulzbot support about this, because it doesn’t seem to be normal.

to get more information, I would take measurements from the table it sits on to the top of the print table. This will give you a little more info on the cause of the problem. Measure from tabletop to bottom of X-axis too.