TAZ 5 Nozzle Clog

Hi all,

I’ve just received my brand new TAZ 5 and successfully printed a nice little rocktopus using the provided filament sample.

Since I didn’t have a proper 3mm filament at the time, I stupidly enough decided to use some 1.75mm poor quality white ABS filament I had lying around.
I managed to somehow feed it, up until the point when the entire leftover green filament was extruded, but now it is clogged and won’t extrude.

I tried to pull the material out, but the filament broke and now I can’t even get a proper grab of it.
I also tried to manually extrude some fair eSun 3mm yellow ABS filament at 240, but the hobbing just grinds the material and the white filament won’t be pushed down.
I’m afraid that raising to 240 was too high for the white filament, causing it to bulk and block the nozzle. Does it make any sense? :confused:

Can someone please help? :cry:

If you dismount the hotend, will the filament pull out of the extruder body?

Sorry for the ignorance, but how do I dismount it?

Just to be sure, did you try to heat the hotend to printing temps and pull the filament out from the top with small pliers?

The assembly instructions are here: https://ohai-kit.alephobjects.com/project/2b36d92e-a984-4e61-af92-245ea7fcaeaf/

You would need to remove these two screws. You will also need to remove the filament cooling fan to access the RH screw.

Yes, I indeed tried to pull the filament at printing temp, but since it broke, I can no longer get a grab of it, even with tweezers.

Thank you for the instructions. I followed them, but I’m a bit confused in regards to how should I separate the hot end from the extruder mount. Does it fit snuggly or are there any screws there? should I just pull it out? (I want to make sure before putting too much pressure and possibly breaking something :confused: )
Thank you!

Ok, issue resolved! :smiley:

The hotend was extremely hard to get out of the extruder mount, because pieces of filament were stuck all through.
However, some really hard pulling did the trick.
Not only the white pieces of filament were inside, but leftovers from the sample ABS as well.

I’m attaching some photos, in case it may be useful for someone.

Thank you, nopick!

Ha! I wonder how those got in there.

No idea, wasn’t me! :wink: