Taz 5 Power Supply with a Dead Fan

Has anyone else gone to turn on your TAZ 5 and the fan in the power supply not move? Mine had started making some noise, so the next morning after being off through the night, I ShopVac’ed the dust off/out of it. Now when I power it on nothing no movement. Next was to disassemble the PSU and look at the fan it spins freely. Next I check for 12v being supplied it it… I got 0.03 when it is all powered on. Has anyone else experienced this? How did you fix it? Right now I am using an external power supply to run a fan now.

It’s possible to burn out a fan. Usually the recommended procedure in that event is to replace the power supply. The power supply fan may not be constantly on. My Taz 3 power supply fan only comes on when it thinks it is getting too warm. If you are in a colder area it may just not be getting warm enough for the fan to kick on.

Shortly after I got my TAZ5 earlier this year, my power supply started acting sort of like that.

The fan wouldn’t come on for a long time, even long enough to heat the bed to 110C and the extruder to 240C. Then it would come on and spin like crazy, buzzing from being driven so hard, and the air that then would start blowing out of the power supply was really hot.

I contacted Lulzbot support and with their usual super support they promptly sent a replacement. It’s a known issue, so contact them and see what they say.

I know my warrantee is about up or is up. What I did, I took it apart checked the fan with another 12v .5a power supply and it spun ok. I went ahead and oiled it and tried it again the PSU still nothing. So I drilled a small hole in the PSU and now have a second 12v .5a power supply running to my fan. Its on full if the power is on. Now today the fan that is on the Rambo is starting to make the same noise… you just can’t get away with showing some attention to part of the machine the other parts will demand it as well.

I’m way outside of warranty and Lulzbot support is still sending me a power supply for my Taz 4. Send them an email with your order # and serial number.