TAZ 5 Power Brick Fan Always On

Ever since I pluged in my new TAZ 5 the power brick fan has been on. No matter if I have the machine on or off. Is it suppose to always be on?

Mine stays on as well. Maybe this is normal?

+1 This doesn’t seem normal to me either. I wish Lulzbot would address the issue in the thread.

It is normal. I don’t like it though so I put mine on a power strip so I just turn it off that way.

Hmm… Interesting. So even when switched off the fan in the PSU is spinning. Aways had mine on a surge protector connected to a z-wave plug for remote on/off. The few times ive sat with the printer, I’ve never heard the PSU fan over the buzzing of the small hex blower… need to stick some Dynamat on that blower.