Taz 5 Printed Parts

Was trying, and planing to print an extruder head for the Taz 5, and can’t find one specific file on the download website. The piece pictured here in the orange, the second smallest piece pictured here in the orange. The piece is what applies the pressure to the filament, and is attached by one screw, so that it swivels away for easy access. No matter where I look I cannot find the file. Has anyone found, downloaded, and could direct me in the right way, or link the file. Thanks!

That is the idler arm. The smaller piece is the idler arm retainer latch.

The link to the latest version is in the service bulliten here: https://forum.lulzbot.com/t/lulzbot-taz-5-lulzbot-mini-extruder-idler/3178/1 or can be found in download.lulzbot.com you ideally want the 1.4c variant.

The part that swings away with the bearing is called the idler. And the part on top with 2 M4 screws is the latch.

The linked directories are from the TAZ 6, but should work fine for the TAZ 5.

Thanks, I found the idler, but under the TAZ 5 it was just g.code for the mini and not the stl. Didn’t even think to look in the taz 6 stuff. Thanks!