TAZ5 Filament Holder Lever Thing Broke... Easy To Replace?

I am not sure what the lever that holds the filament against the extruder gear is called but it has snapped in half. Is this as easy as it seems replacement? Do I just unscrew it and screw the new printed part on?

What part would I look for? I don’t know what this is called.


Also what should it be printed in? PLA? HIPS? nGEN? ABS?

Thanks again,

Look in the service bulletins, they have came out with a new and improved extruder idler block to print out in ABS. :wink:


Man… Thanks for that quick response. I am on it. Thanks again!

I thought I would just print a new one but they mention that they will send a new one. Is there any reason that I couldn’t just print this part?

They don’t offer a link to the printed part so I will go fishing around.

Is this printable and replaceable by the user without much difficulty?

If you want your printer operational while you are waiting for the new one, you can safely glue that piece with Plastruct Plastic Weld. Acetone will also work. Or hobby model glue if you can’t find the plastruct stuff.

The link for the part is right there in the Service Bulletin for printing it with a Mini, a Taz, or you have a link for the STL file and the slicer settings to use also.

Thanks. I found it and printed it. Appreciate the help.