Taz 5 Y axis homing error, PLEASE HELP

Turned on the Taz 5 and used auto home to send all axis to there home positions, x axis did just fine, hit the limit switch and stopped. However, during the homing of the y axis, it went to the home position made contact with the limit switch but nothing happened stepper motor continued to try to pull the bed home making that awful grinding noise. Any ideas?

The good news is there are only a couple possibilities here. The issue is one of the following:

  1. The Y axis endstop cable has come loose at the Rambo board
  2. The Y axis endstop cable is plugged into the wrong location (Y maximum endstop instead of Y min, etc.)
  3. The Y axis endstop cable is broken somewhere
  4. the Y axis endstop switch is bad

Check all of those things and go from there.

Thank you, I’ll check all of that when I get home and let you know. I figured as much hopefully just something switched would love to get printing without waiting on a new end stop switch