Taz 6 leveling issue

Ever since the filament was changed out on my printer, the printer while auto leveling, fails. After wiping, it will touch disc one twice, then when it goes to disc 2, it barely touches it and goes back to rewiping. It does this a couple time and then fails. I have tried manually adjusting the level via the servo motors, made sure to check the tightness of the washers, and even cleaned the nozzle numerous times. What can be the issue?

Update: I just flashed the firmware on the printer and it now starts the auto level on the back left vs the front left. I also swapped the head. The same issue still persists though and fails on the front right washer.

Try cleaning your nozzle and washers with rubbing alcohol. Be sure to have it powered off when cleaning the nozzle else you’ll blow an internal micro fuse.

If your auto-leveling is failing on the right side of the printer the most likely cause will be that the X-Axis isn’t totally level. This can cause the toolhead to hover above the washer rather than making contact which will cause the probe fail error you are experiencing. Try following this guide to verify your X-Axis is level: https://ohai.lulzbot.com/workflow/leveling-x-axis/maintenance-repairs/

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Another thing to ‘check’ is that the control box is getting enough cooling so that it does not drop steps on the Z Axis.

Hi, could you clarify what this means/how to do this? I have been having issues with my new (unboxed a week ago, have made 5 successful prints so far) TAZ 6 where it starts the print too high and it’s not sticking to the bed.

That sounds more like your Z-Offset is too high. Not near my Taz 6 to step you through how to find the LCD screen to adjust that.

how about some real answers here’s the reason mine is off straight out of the box ty argued with me saying that’s the way it’s supposed to be…while everyone else said doesn’t look right … get your stories straight folks!..took it back got an exchange fixture does not wobble messaged ty told him to tell the this is defective because it doesn’t wobble … if the new printer is off i’m getting my money back and a real youtube review is on its way. https://youtu.be/k7jnekVjxw0