TAZ 6 can't move X axis

I’ve just started using the TAZ 6 and for some reason, the X axis just doesn’t work. It moves fine on the Z and Y axes. I thought it might be a leveling problem, but I tried leveling it and that didn’t help. When I select auto home, the nozzle just… goes right down into the plate, and doesn’t stop unless I stop it.

When I try moving the X axis by turning the knob, the number on the display jumps to -022.0 and doesn’t change to any other number when I turn it.

There is also a message on the display that says “endstops hit: X” -what does this mean? Is it relevant to the problem?

Thanks so much!

Endstops are how the TAZ 6 determines where zero is on each axis. You can use the M119 command to determine the state of each endstop. My guess is that you have broken / shorted wires to one of your endstop switches (or the switch itself is fubar).

Thanks for your reply! For some reason, the solution was to update the firmware!