Taz 6 X axis stutters after a couple of layers

I have a Taz 6 and started having print issues. After a few layers the X axis starts to stutter and printing is offset…often just stringy

I’ve changed the belt, the stepper motor and the print head. Made sure everything is tight and secure. Nothing seems to help. Any ideas???

Well…now the x axis will work the first few layers, then it doesn’t move at all. Just the Y and Z are working. No noise, no motor issues (I changed out the stepper motor and issue persisted). When I reset the machine, the X Axis moves just fine, but after a while it just stops even trying to move during the print job. Motherboard issue?

I was getting artifacts in my print. I moved all of my stepper motors to vibration mounts which drastically reduced the noise. I also was able to detect the vibration in my x axis stepper and replaced it with a new one. I just went ahead and bought a new one. You could swap it to another axis and see if it still is a problem. Good luck finding them. With the whole covid 19 thing going on I had to order them to directly from the manufacturer. Shipping was nearly the cost of the motor unless you spent a certain amount. Hah now I have two spares.

Could be that the x-gantry (rods) are not level causing binding. Measure to the rods from each edge of the bed. If not the same, rotate the one of the lead screws until level. A bubble level or digital level would work also.