Taz 6 ditto printing

Hello everyone. I’m trying to get my taz 6 to ditto print with the dual extruder but I’m not finding much info. There is one old thread about adding a second extruder to an older model but nothing about using the factory dual extruder. I called tech support and they weren’t much help. Any thoughts? I’m not opposed to creative wiring if necessary but it sure seems like there must be a better way. Thanks for any help.

I don’t think Marlin has this implemented in the code unfortunately.

Yeah, there is no stock implementation that I know of. You are most likely going to need to split the signal somehow and get creative with the placement.

That’s what I was afraid of. I’m about to set up a small fleet of printers for production use but it’s almost exclusively small parts so the benefits of parallel printing are obvious. I love my taz and hoped to have a room full of them but I may have to keep looking at other options.

It seems like since the dual extruder moves as one unit and all that has to be done is sending duplicate extruding commands to the second unit the company would be able to program this. This would be a great add for increasing sales of the unit. I print using MoldLay in the education setting, it would be extremely valuable to print duplicates of rings for casting jewelry. Will lulzbot ever program and implement this?

No expert here but it seems to me the extruders would have to be quite closely matched performance-wise .
It does sound like an interesting idea though.

Tim in D


I recently developed the Twoolhead for this exact scenario and it’s completely open source! The “duplication mode” in the stock firmware seems to be broken, so I had a friend help me make a custom version in order to do exactly what you’re asking. I’ve got versions for the TAZ 5 and 6 that should work for you if you’re using the hardware for a LulzBot v1 or v2 dual electronics, here are links to the firmware: TAZ 5 & TAZ 6

The Twoolhead has it’s nozzles spaced 140mm apart in X in order to get the maximum build volume out of both nozzles, but it should work with a regular dual extruder if you’re only printing parts less than 50mm long.

Hope that helps, please let me know if you have questions about getting it working