Can I use a Dual Head to print identical clones?


I have googled and searched the forums and have yet to find the answer for Cura. I am using Cura 20.01 downloaded from Lulzbot. I am printing using a Taz 6 with a dual extrusion head.

I would like to print two items at the same time, with each nozzle producing an identical object. I have read that this feature is called “ditto” in other slicers. To clarify, it’s just like printing a monochromatic item using one head of the dual extruder, but since that second head is doing the same dance as the first, it could also be printing an identical item. Understanding, of course, that it would have to be a small item so the two items don’t come close to each other.

Is this possible?

Yes it is possible. You basically have to make a few firmware changes to mirror the signal over to the Extruder 2 feed simultaniously, and then go to town. There is a thread somewher in the forums here that details the process.

Thank you for the glimmer of hope. I have searched the forums using the terms “Mirror”, “clone”, “duplicate” and “ditto” and failed to find any such information.

Since I didn’t find it in the forum, I asked support, and they said:

“Our printers were not designed to do that kind of thing, We do not have the software or firmware to even run it that way. However if you figure out a way to get that to work please let us know. but as of now there is no way to do that.”

So if anyone has that information somewhere, I’d be very interested in reading about it.

That thread.