TAZ 6 + FlexyDually NinjaFlex Oozing


I’ve recently got my TAZ 6 working well with the FlexyDually V2 upgrade, it’s mostly working well, however I have been getting oozing from the NinjaFlex nozzle that builds up beside the print. Here’s a picture:

Can anyone advise me on how to solve this? I’m guessing it has to do with the retraction or the nozzle switching settings but I have not had to time to mess with it yet.

Thanks in advance


Your nijaflex print isn’t even close to being correctly dialed in. I would scrap whatever profile you are using for that one and start over. It’s either too hot, extruding too fast, your retraction settings are screwed, you are massively overextruding due to incorrect filament settings in some places causing intermittent filament grind outs and filament starvation on subsequent layers, or whatever you are printing isn’t actually ninjaflex and is something that requires completely different settings. Calibrate your extruder, print some separated calibration objects until you can print them perfectly, then try combined prints again.

OK, good luck fixing it then.

Any other advice then?

Well, 225 is the maximum reccommended temperature for Ninjaflex, so i’d still reccommend dropping the temperature alot closer to 210 to start.

Yep, agree with piercet. I’d also lower the extrusion temp to reduce ooze.

Think of a cold stick of butter, as you warm it softens too hot and it melts (liquefies).