Taz 6 inside enclosure - PLA Clogging

Hey all!

Personally own two Taz 5 printers, but my employer has purchased a bunch of Taz 6’s. They bought enclosures for each printer and village plastics black PLA. We have not had a successful print yet. The nozzle keeps clogging about 5-10% into the print.

I have seen this before on my personal printers so I tried bumping the temp up to 210 and also 215, but the extruder still clogs. This is a Taz 6 with the upgraded fan shroud so I cant imagine there is an issue with the hotend cooling. However since the printer is in an enclosure could there be a possibility that the warmer ambient air is causing the clogs? Just wanted to get some input. Can provide pictures if needed.


Ventilate the enclosure when running PLA. You are probably getting heat creep filament swelling in the cold section of the hot end.

Yea that’s what i’m assuming. I just took the enclosure off and running it now. Looks like its running alright for the most part.

Hello Mschmotz,

When you are done with your next print. raise the tool head in the air and manually extrude a little filament. If it tries to curl up initially as it leaves the hot end, Then it will mean that you have some residual filament that is stuck in the hot end and obstructing the flow.
You can do some “cold pulls” to alleviate the issue.
If the filament is coming out in a straight line, then it will be something else that is causing the failure. Sometimes if the Zoffset has the nozzle just a little too close to the PEI, it will cause resistance for the flow of filament and then cause the filament to strip out after a few layers. This is because with the increased resistance, the PLA will transfer the heat up the feed tube and the PLA will become too malleable. This will cause it to strip out as it can’t feed as easily .
The offset can be adjusted through the LCD display under advanced setting, if that is the issue.
I hope this helps.