Taz 6 Latest firmware is?

I finally got a response back from Lulzbot, and they sent me to where you had already pointed me.

Finally got a chance to work with the code last night and so far it’s exactly what I needed for my Taz 6 ( to keep the single extruder config but enable the second extruder port for cleaning, building, testing other extruders ). Changes that I needed to make were confined to Conditionals_Lulbot.h and were fairly simple & straightforward ( maybe 5 or 6 lines #define ’s ).

When I don’t have a second extruder connected to that cable ( V2C @ https://itworks3d.com/product/lulzbot-taz-4-5-tool-head-wiring-harness/ , $35 ) I have to put a thermistor across pins 15 & 16 or Marlin aborts with a min temp error, but I had several Semitek therminsters on hand so that was no big deal. Octoprint gives me convient access to both toolheads ( and it was a trivial change there to enable the second toolhead ).

Looks to be a very useful hack for me, and I’ll report back here if I have any particular problems with the software ( and/or my hacks :).

I’m late to this thread, but having anticipated something along these lines when LulzBot announced the layoffs, I cloned a number of different things from the lulzbot repository including the Marlin source with the custom additions. I was recently working on migrating the config for the Dual v3 / yellowtail toolhead to the newest version of Marlin. Stock Marlin does most of what the lulzbot specific firmware does. The special thing which concerns me the most is a few lines which allow setting the x-y probing positions. What I’ve found by going through the options for the Marlin 2.0.x firmware is that everything is mostly the same. There are only a few situations in which building the firmware from source will give you anything that you don’t already have. If you want to change either the Rambo board or the LCD screen for something other than what you have currently (or change the type of thermistor as you’ve mentioned above), add an LED light strip status light, or you care about junction deviation motion control, then it might be helpful. Otherwise the behavior is exactly the same. As of right now I don’t have much to show, but I will eventually have the LulzBot Marlin configs merged with the official branch here: https://github.com/jjaeggli/Configurations but there will still be some work to do on the firmware itself, so test at your own risk.