Taz6 Filament runout sensor and firmware

We have had a Taz6 for a while, and I am trying to find out the feasibility of adding a filament runout sensor with firmware support (to pause and move the hotend at time of runout). I would prefer to do this directly on the machine, as opposed to using something like Octoprint.

I only see some older discussions on these forums about this, apparently before Marlin 2 was released. It looks like Marlin 2 has support for this feature (if configured at compile time) but not Marlin 1.

First as background, since I’ve never compiled the firmware for a 3d printer, can somebody shed some light on why the Lulzbot Support / Download firmware link for Taz 6 is currently for Marlin v1.1.9.28, whereas there also appears to be a Marlin v2.0.0.144 version specifically for this printer here: http://download.lulzbot.com/Software/Marlin/

Is v2 still considered experimental for this printer, or some other reason it’s not linked to as the default firmware download? Any big gotchas?

I’m assuming I would still need to recompile it to configure it for the sensor switch pin I want to use, etc, right? It looks like the compiling process is pretty straightforward, but if there are any gotchas I should be aware of, feel free to let me know!


The latest stable version of CuraLE is 3.6.20 and includes Marlin firmware for the TAZ 6. This is the latest “supported” version from LulzBot. CuraLE 3.6.20 also includes for the TAZ 6 but I don’t believe it is considered stable. CuraLE 3.6.20 does include Marlin (only) for the Workhorse and Pro.

You can also find (up to) on http://devel.lulzbot.com/software/Marlin/. I have not tried any of those versions on my TAZ 6.

See https://forum.lulzbot.com/t/taz-6-latest-firmware-is/21413/21 for another discussion. Towards the end of that thread is a link to the Drunken Octopus repository created by the former LulzBot firmware developer. For the time being, this would be my choice for how to get Marlin 2 working on my TAZ 6.