TAZ 6 Nozzle Leveling Polarity

I was having some issues with firmware halting when probing the bed tilt. (BTW, the issue was the nozzle) In the troubleshooting I noticed that the default wiring has the probe positive wire going to the bed washers and the ground was actually the nozzle. The wiring diagram also has it that way, but I’ve seen referenced on this forum that washers are ground.

If you touch the washers, you can feel the electricity. It kinda feels like there is a texture to the washer, but if you pull the power plug, the washer feels smooth again. This setup feels unsafe(?). I decided to swap the wires so that the bed is ground and the nozzle is 5v.

My question is this: Is there any reason why this is not a good idea? I’m sure that some electrical engineer had a reason for making it this way, so I’m wondering if I’m shortening the lifespan of some equipment, or possibly causing a space-time continuum paradox event. Any advice out there?