Taz Metal Plates For Sale

This weekend I’ll be making a couple sets of the Taz Metal Plates if anyone’s interested. I can also powder coat them black too.
Or if your looking to get something else machined send me a PM. I’m selling the Y axis plates for $50, The X-End Plates for $75 and the Corner Brackets for $75. Powder coating is an extra $25. If you want all three parts it is only $175.

How much $ is the base plate, and please tell me you have made it thicker than the stock plate?

Just got my corner piece order in today, and wow, they turned out great. Well cut, no burs, proffesional looking black coating job, definitely worth it. Ill post some pictures when I get them on the machine!

Edit: Here is one corner on the bed, and another next to the Acrylic piece. I do wish the replacement plate was slightly thicker, but It’s still stronger than the other one. Ignore the grey metel corner insert, that’s the ther metal reinforcement corner piece behind the new face piece.