Taz Pro + Cura LE Weirdness! Help would be nice


I am using Cura 3.6.21 and I flashed both my Taz 6 MoarStruder and Taz Pro with the latest firmware. The Taz 6 DOES NOT exhibit these artifacts.

The photos of what I am seeing are here; https://photos.app.goo.gl/ugccuwKKXS595KYs7

The g-code is attached. The print defects are not in the g-code. In fact I thought at first that the defects were physical so I replicated the circle and squares in a test pattern and the circle reproduces the defect no matter where I place it on the build platform. The square is fine as far as the shell BUT!! Both the square and to a lesser extend the circle are under extruded in the bottom and top layers EXCEPT for in the center of the build platform which is always nicely printed, so long as it isn’t a circle or arc.

The tick on the circles is always in the direction of the X axis.

Any help would be great. Thanks!

LTAZPRODE_square-2.gcode (70.8 KB)
LTAZPRODE_square.gcode (73.1 KB)
LTAZPRODE_half_circle.gcode (211 KB)
LTAZPRODE_full_test.gcode (782 KB)