Taz Pro documentation


Lulzbot sent me over an Tax Pro XL to evaluate and it sure is a big machine.

One bit of disappointment is that the included manual provides grand details on the M175 but the XL does not ship with that. (I have a Taz 6 and an M175 I received recently, so I am looking forward to trying that out). I am not finding a lot of documentation on the many features this interface offers. Babystepping and other things. The manual goes from assembly, Cura install and loading/unloading material, being demonstrated with the (not included) M175 tool head.

For the price point, I was hoping I could find these details somewhere…on the site?

The toolhead that shipped with the XL is the 1.2mm HS. I’m curious why the silicone sock is not on the E3D hotend? I have many E3D hot ends on my print lab of 21 3D printers and I am just wondering why it isn’t there.

I’m looking forward to many tall test prints and hope you folks can guide me to the proper docs!

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A bit surprised they don’t include the M175v2, as Slice Engineering offers nozzles up to 1.8mm, and the Mosquito Magnum can output fast enough to warrant a nozzle that big.

Aside from the extra build space, documentation for the Pro should carry over to the Pro XL.

Was there something specific you need help with? I mean, I know we have a good community here, but if you just received a machine, their official support should be handling any issues you may have.

I went noodling through the GitLab and the more detailed manual is essentially a step by step guide through Cura, with some maintenance tips on the machine.

I have experience with the Slice Magnum+ and the 1.8mm nozzle, I have two Modix 120X 3D printers at work I have modded to use those. They are really excellent.

I’m just trying to review the machine as a brand new to 3D printing person would. Or, even if they have a cheap China printer, what to expect from the Pro. Given the advantages of changing print heads, I would have expected to see some detailed documentation on how to do this.

The manual is a bit “light” after basic setup, even with the wrong hotend. As any user would be cautious with a $5000+ machine and toying with the features, you know?

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