Test Print for Taz Pro XL with 1.2mm hot end?

Hello friends,

Still struggling with this 3D printer since there’s limited documentation and I’m looking for a good test print for this large nozzle. I had hoped something would have been included on the SD card but those are for the 0.5mm nozzle / print heads.

I mean, I can go find my own but I thought Lulzbot would have included something with the XT that shows off the capabilities of this machine. The included manuals for the XT are the Taz Pro S, which uses a completely different print head.

I mean, for $5500, I would have expected vastly more information and samples.

You could make a greatly stretched Rocktopus!

I got creative after dialing in the flow settings

Not pushing the expanded dimensions yet, keep going!

I’ll send you a couple of good ones after I return from my lunch. We’ve printed all kinds of large items, especially firearm components with our taz pro. But I know the feeling youre describing, for a $5000+ printer we definitely should have got a LOT more than we did.

The fact that on a $5000 printer they elected to use plastic linear bushings instead of metal square rails like any other printer at even half the price point means that we’re having to retrofit our entire x axis to make square rails fit (almost done) because there is just way too much sag & free play with a cantilevered dual extruder hanging off the x axis the way they have it set up.

It is what it is, we got it years ago & it wasnt working when I staretd working here but weve had to spend a lot of money so far just upgrading components to higher quality ones


Yes, that is frustrating. Just having the right documentation for the purchased printer would put a polished shine on everything. Instead, I am having to dig, search and ask on various groups how to properly use this machine. (In comparison, the Ultimaker printers come with detailed owners manual, guides and a variety of test prints on the USB stick.)

A 1.2mm nozzle is a pretty fat bead, so I am finding that if your model has a lot of details, this isn’t the ideal beadwidth. I have a lot of experience printing with large nozzles at work. For the hobbyist and pro-user, I’m not sure 1.2mm is the right size. For most of my large prints, I use 0.8 so I can maintain a 0.25 layer height, keeping the model’s details while printing a lot less perimeters. Prints that require support fare a bit better. I printed a part from my Iron Man build last night and it was impressive to see. It took my other machine, with a 0.8 nozzle about 36 hours to print and this XL did it in 8. But, some of the finer details did suffer. I think I can save it with putty and sanding during the post processing.

I agree about the motion parts. It’s a bit noisy for sure.

I can send you some gcode files i just need to know the exact dimensions of your specific printer. If you go to preferences in cura & go to printers > machine settings > just take a screenshot of the page that has the axis dimensions, start & end g code sections & the extruder tabs at the top. once i have those numbers i can modify my file to work with your printer easily

Lulzbot Taz Pro XT, just check the 3D Printer store here