TAZ Support Material Dual Extrusion Test Piece

I think I finally have Dual Extrusion dialed in.

Dual extrusion is nice to have, but it does not get used that often. Here is a simple test part I made. 2 Links of a chain interlocked. I will post more pics after the HIPS is disolved

And here is the part after D-limonene disolved the HIPS away.

My nozzle offset needs some tweaking, and some of the errors may be caused by oozing…But it’s nearly there.

Very cool! How long did you take to dissolve the HIPS? Was it more of a loosen and scrape? Does the limonene smell linger?

I broke off what I could by hand, which was not much more than the brim and a few layers.

It soaked in the limonene for maybe 2 hours. It sort of makes the HIPS mostly dissolve and get all sticky. Then I rinsed it off with water. It may smell a little like oranges still…but this is Florida, so I don’t mind.

not having a wipe for the nozzles means that whenever it switches material, you usually bring in some of what is oozing out of the nozzle into the print…I am thinking about some sort of wipe system attached to the X motor mount, so the nozzles wipe when it goes to X0. But this would interfere with the Bed some.

Way cool! This may be a silly suggestion, but couldn’t you retract the HIPS enough to keep it from oozing?


but it’s not just the HIPS, the ABS also oozes…and the amount of oozing varies based on how long the extruder is inactive…so for some small parts, there may be little oozing, but larger parts will have more time for more oozing.

And then when the tool restarts, it may not be primed, and then it will not extrude for a little while.

I will try lots more retract between nozzle changes next time… but the real solution is a wipe and dump tank, so that the nozzle can be primed and wiped between each nozzle change.

Sound was recommending as much as 25mm retraction for the idle extruder, at least for PLA.

Another thing that you could try is making the number of skirt layers equal to the total number of layers (or just a really big number – either one should work). That way, as the second nozzle passes over the skirt, any ooze will be wiped off before the second nozzle reaches the part. This will increase your print time a bit, but might be worth it.