TAZ unboxing and setup video...

Part one is here: http://youtu.be/cb90k0fkV5g

I’ll post part two once I get some usable filament. :frowning:



LOL :laughing:

Thanks for the video, it was fun and informative, plus it allowed us to answer a question we had about where the double bearing holders where installed.

I was impressed by the packaging for my AO-100, the TAZ packaging looks even better.

It sucks having a 3D printer but no usable filament to print with!

Hey is that an old USAF airplane wing in the background?

You’re quite welcome. It was fun to do. When I thought about how I was going to do the video, I thought that if I just showed some dry presentation about the un-boxing and following the included guide, it would be pretty boring. That and the fact that if the people that bought or were planning on buying the TAZ were anything like me, they’d get to the instructions long AFTER they’d taken it out of the box. :smiley: I’ve got another short video of how to install the drivers for Windows users’, but I need to work out how to add audio to the CamStudio avi file that I made before I can do that.

I tell you though, if it was possible to ragequit a roll of filament, I would’ve done it. It had been sitting in its shipping bag in the house for 3 months or so. It was a free roll (vendor shipped me 3mm on accident and didn’t want it back), so I guess I can’t snivel about it too much.

They really did an excellent job with the presentation. The packing material was obviously professionally done and the included quality checklists and such really gave it a polished feel. You get the feeling right off that they care about the product. I did add some rubber feet to the power supply. :slight_smile: I can’t wait until my filament arrives so I can do the other video. All I have is the 1.75 my Rostock MAX uses.

The grey thing behind me isn’t a wing, it’s the forward fuselage from an F-15C. 80-0007 specifically. You can see more of it here: http://www.f15sim.com. That’s my “main” hobby. :smiley:

From my experience so far, if I run into anyone looking for a fully assembled and calibrated printer, I’m going to point them straight at the TAZ. The manual is very complete and nicely bound. The portion that covers Slic3r is nice to have. I’m not a fan of the binding though - I would have gone for coil binding so you can lay it flat or easily fold it over.