TAZ Workhorse Feed Issue

I am constantly having feed issues with my TAZ Workhorse. It will feed fine then suddenly just sit there and strip the filament. I clean the feed screw/gear, i have tried various tension settings, increased fan speed and temperature (in case of heat creep), tried different materials, tried both brand new and older filaments. Nothing seems to work and work is getting frustrated with me. Any help would be appreciated.

What is your printers SN and tool head by chance?

KT-PR0051NA-1503 and the standard tool head that came with it.

Thank you for that.For some of our Workhorse printers, they have the hardened steel nozzles installed.

The hardened steel nozzles have much different thermal characteristics than the usual brass/plated copper nozzles. Because of this, it is unable to absorb the heat from the heater block and transfer it to the filament in a quick manner. So this means that even if you have it set to 210°C, the filament inside may be cooling the nozzle down to around 180°C and that temperature is much too low. This low temperature can cause the filament to strip or grind away.

We have found most filaments will need to be bumped up in temperature by 10-20 degrees or so and sometimes more. This will allow the filament to heat up to around that normal 200-210°C.

Will try that, looking at the nozzle it does appear to be steel.

Meant to send this earlier but i bumped up the temperature by 10 deg and it now works great. Thanks for the help.