TAZ4 ABS Prints lumpy, wavy, bumpy!

Newbie here…I apologize if I haven’t searched hard enough, but wanted to ask, anyone seeing wavy, lumpy prints with ABS?

I have a TAZ4, nozzle at 230C, bed at 85C, fan not running, IC3D ABS filament, 2.89mm diameter. When printing what resembles a 3mm thick compact disc, the solid layers always end up wavy. The infill layers are perfect/flawless, but solid layers are like a wavy potato chip.



First thing you’ll hear is you’ll want to enclose your printer to trap in heat and prevent cooling breezes and drafts and such from effecting your print.

I have an enclosure that keeps the ambient temp around the entire printer at about 95 degrees F.

I usually keep bed temp at 95c.

Also, are you using a Lulzbot profile for ABS?

2 things that I know of that cause this exact thing. One is putting setting the filament diameter higher than it actually is, measure it accurately in several spots. Next is having the nozzle to close to the heated bed. Yes, getting it close with ABS makes for better adhesion but then it will sort of lay out lines that are hit and mis and the next layer lays over these and are wavy, It goes away with taller items and when there is infill. So, if your’e sure the filament is entered at the right size, then adjust your Z axis up a hair at a time until it goes away.

The smaller the nozzle, the more accurate the Z axis must be.

This is an example of what the outline may look like when it first starts printing and the nozzle is too low. There is very thin layer then blobs push out of the nozzle as pressure builds up enough to force it out. In this photo it’s extreme but if you notice light dark light dark on the first layer then your Z axis is too low.