TAZ4 - ABS - Temp Settings

What temperature settings are you finding work best for ABS on a TAZ4?

I’m running 85c and 230c and generally the fan stays off.

I’m getting some issues with some parts lifting off the bed surface and I’m wondering if I need to change my temp settings .


Those are good starting points. Are your parts falling off the bed entirely or are they just warping up at the corners? If the former, add a brim in slic3r or squish the first layer down a bit. If the latter, increase the bed temperature and shield the printer from ambient temperature changes. We have gone all the way up to 105c on the bed before without too much trouble.

Post results ftw.

Right now I’m printing an “L” shaped bracket that’s 3.5 inches long on long side, and 2.5 inches long on short side. 1/2 inch thick and 2 inches high in Z direction.

About an inch of the 3.5 inch section has started lifting off the bed.

I still have about a half inch of material to add to Z direction of part and I’m nervous the whole bracket might pop off the bed before it’s completed.

Would increasing bed temp now help, hurt, or have no influence at all regarding the lifting of that section of my part?

Thanks for tips and help.

Well the part did not fall off. :mrgreen:

Here’s pic of lifting. Please ignore the support material snafu…that’s kinda ugly.

This is still the original PET film that came on TAZ4 as delivered.

For an object like that, if you can add rounded disks to the ends, it’ll increase the surface area enough to help keep it down, as will using more of the ABS and acetone solution, or PVA glue sticks/solution.

The discs can be snapped of cleanly post print, similar to this: https://github.com/dan9186/Derpstock/blob/master/output/frame_vertex.stl

Upgrade to a PEI bed. you can print parts like that all day without worrying about any lifting. Is Magic stuff!

Tell me more. Please.

This thread has everything you could ever want to know about a PEI bed

Thanks. I’ll check that thread out.

Having bed temp set at 95 degrees seems to be quite an improvement.

I also added the “disks” to the corners of my last part (different design) and they appeared to have worked perfectly with the 95 degree bed temp.

What thickness on the disks is optimum? How thin can I go so they break off cleanly yet hold the corners down nicely?

I used to have these issues, but I learned that a neat calibration solves most of the adhesion problems. Also clean the surface before print, and as extra you can spread the ABS solution…
btw my bed temperature is never under 110c for ABS

…and one more thing, if you use fine ABS config from lulzbot, make sure you erase the parts from Gcode that cool of the bed and the nozzle to 220/80
during first layer it is important to keep the temperature constant… especially for larger prints

good luck and it will work out

Hi, This is my second print on my TAZ4 after a good time spent calibrating the bed. Aside from the layer splitting I’m very happy how the print came out. Although it would be even more awesome not to have it split. Any recommendations?

I’m running 230c / 90c for the ABS print in the picture. I had no problems with lift at the base; I’m using ABS Juice.

You may want to cover the printer when printing larger objects with ABS. ABS has an inherent material characteristic of shrinking when cooling. Increasing the amount of time the part needs to cool (by enclosing it, or by maintaining a warm environment around it) will help. Printing with PLA will help tremendously.

Thanks Orias, I’ll look into covering the printer when printing large prints.

If you have a particularily large print and you need a temporary enclosure in a hurry, you can make a decent heat enclosure out of one or more large size turkey roasting bags and some duct tape.

@piercet - Thanks for the tip.