TAZ4 resonance on the Y-axis?

I got my TAZ a few weeks ago (it’s my first printer) and its been running great - My knowledge of printers/hardware is really limited at the moment, so if I make any mistakes please let me know.

There’s quite a noticeable resonance/vibrations when its moving along the Y-axis around the midpoint of the plate. If I move it with the nozzle low (few mm’s from the plate), its very noticeable when going to Y-home (but there’s nothing in the opposite direction). If I move the extruder up (around 50mm and beyond in the Z-axis) then it’s noticeable when moving away from Y-home. Its pretty noisy/the table its on vibrates strongly when it occurs and though I mainly notice it when moving the extruder around (via printrun) but it’s noticeable during prints as well.

Is this normal for the printer?

Here’s a picture showing the effect of it on the bed-calibration print (though I haven’t seen this sort of effect on other prints)


This video shows the sound when running the bed calibration print (best to watch it 40 seconds onwards).

Anyone have any clue/advice? (assuming this is abnormal for the printer).

check this post. https://forum.lulzbot.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1316&start=40
kinda old now but I just posted some instructions on how to do erv’s bearing modification, given your description this could solve your problem. let me know if you have questions.