TAZ 6 strange noise while bed leveling

Hello all,

Ever since I received my TAZ 6 there is a strange noise that it makes while bed leveling. When the print head moves down to touch the calibration points it makes a vibrating sound. Initially I thought it is a normal sound, not being familiar with the printer but now i’m concerned as the box was very beaten up when I received the printer. Is this normal or is there something wrong?

Here is the video



Yep, I know that noise! :slight_smile:

Two things.

  1. Move the x-bar almost all of the way to the top. Then measure down from each side and make sure both sides are even from the top. Just spin one of the threaded rods by hand until you get it perfect as possible. Use this link then skip down to step 23.
    I use digital calipers and get it each side to within .01 mm or so each side but I am totally OCD/Anal retentive! :slight_smile:

HOWEVER- since your box was very beaten up when it arrived I think I would go through that whole process and check your frame!

  1. While the X bar is all the way up apply some white litium grease to both threaded rods and then it can work in on it’s way back down.

Robajohn your the man!

I completed the entire squaring process and the frame needed adjustments on multiple points as well as the the X axis. I went ahead and lubed it up with white lithium grease while I was at it. I’m doing a test print now, so far it looks great. All of that must have been while I was getting inconsistent print quality. (like bumps on the print surface)

Again thank You!

You are welcome; In fact, I am thrilled to be the helper instead of the helpee for a change! :wink: