TAZ5 bushings question

I inherited a TAZ5 and the X axis bushings are worn out.
Can you guys point me to the correct ones for my machine?
Thanks in advance!

The TAZ 5 used [HD-BU0001] DryLin® R - Solid polymer bearing RJM-01, 10mm.
The part number for the retail replacement is KT-HD006. [Store link]

Heads up: the TAZ 5 and earlier machines had a bit of modification to the bushings. Pre-TAZ 6 the bushings were of a lower precision, and a “rough rod” was sometimes used to shave down the inside of the bearing to get it fit on the smooth rods. Make sure the new bushings move freely on the smooth rod before putting everything back together.

Consider using RJMP-01 bearings. They fit the smooth rods better. I haven’t had any trouble using them on my Taz 5 machines.