Temperature Error

We have been trying, unsuccessfully to get through a 6 hour print for the last week. Just when we get the feed issues and the adhesion issues sorted out we are beginning to get regular temperature errors that stop the print.
We get low temp and high temp errors…
Does anyone else have this issue? Has anyone else found a simple solution?

Would you mind posting a screenshot showing the errors? It would also allow us to see the temperature history for both the desired and actual temp. You can also reach us at support@lulzbot.com. Are you able to duplicate/trigger the errors by moving the X-carriage from one side to the other? I recommend powering down the printer, disconnect and reconnect the hot end from the wiring harness. Make sure that the 4 pins are fully seated. You can use a multimeter to verify that the thermistor (orange wire) reads ~100K ohm at room temperature and that the heater resistor (red wire) reads approximately 4.5 - 7 Ohm when disconnected.

I’m getting temperature errors as well, but they only seem to occur on certain parts (so I sense it is a software issue.)

I have a Lulzbot AO-100 and Slic3r v0.9.9 (with default Lulzbot 0.5mm config) with Macpronterface.

Here is my my full console log:

Printer is now online.
echo: External Reset
Marlin: 1.0.0 RC2
echo: Last Updated: 2012-05-12 | Author: jebba
echo: Free Memory: 4556  PlannerBufferBytes: 1232
echo:Using Default settings:
echo:SD card ok
ok T:90.4 /5.0 B:52.9 /5.0
echo:endstops hit:  Z:0.00
Setting hotend temperature to 230.000000 degrees Celsius.
Setting bed temperature to 100.000000 degrees Celsius.
7503.49829 mm of filament used in this print

the print goes from 24.618000 mm to 145.378000 mm in X
and is 120.760000 mm wide

the print goes from 15.850000 mm to 144.140000 mm in Y
and is 128.290000 mm wide

the print goes from 0.250000 mm to 19.750000 mm in Z
and is 19.500000 mm high

Estimated duration (pessimistic):  79 layers, 01:36:12
Print Started at: 13:47:48
: Extruder switched off. MAXTEMP triggered !
Error:Printer stopped deu to errors. Fix the error and use M999 to restart!. (Temperature is reset. Set it before restarting)
Printer stopped deu to errors. Fix the error and use M999 to restart!. (Temperature is reset. Set it before restarting)
Can't read from printer (disconnected?).
Can't write to printer (disconnected?).

Are you able to duplicate the error by using those models? Have you noticed anything in the gcode file for those parts?