Temperature No Longer shows Up In Cura

I recently removed the heater block, heatbreak, and nozzle from my Lulzbot Mini 1.
I took it in and out several times, and hot tightened it twice during this course.
This last time, AFTER hot tightening, my temperature readings in Cura were not responding, but it was showing 275 degrees for hotend and 22 degrees for bed. I turned off the printer, and rebooted Cura. From that point, the temperature readings were both ZERO.
I shut off the printer and rebooted Cura 2 more times with the same result, ZERO.
I think it odd that the bed stopped registering temperature, because I had not changed its temperature nor was I anywhere near to its wires.

I checked the thermistor and heater wires to make sure that were connected. They were all good,

Can someone direct me what to check next?

Thank you.