The ultimate cabinet?

After half a year of my wife gritting teeth over the noise we decided on sacrificing our living room storage cabinet for the mini.
We both couldn’t be happier!

Install this on your Y axis stepper motor (the one that moves the bed) in 15 minutes and your noise problems will be nearly eliminated. Best $10 you can spend on your mini IMHO.


Had that within one week of owning the Mini, didn’t do it for her. The closet also helps keeping things nice and warm, although I realise I have to keep an eye on the power supply cooling since that’s part of the ‘heated cabinet’ now.

Yeah. Not only is it in a heated cabinet, but you have the cool air intake completely blocked because you have the grill against the wall. I wouldn’t recommend doing that…

True. These were the initiation pics, but I quickly turned the Mini 45º CCW to improve access to the bed and have better airflow on the RAMBo and power supply.

Good thinking!

How much do you think the ambient air temperature affects printing?

With ABS specifically a 10 degree temperature swing can change things quite a bit. I find it is generally easier to print large flat objects in the winter when the heater is on than in the summer when the AC is on. Some of that is down to humidity too, but that stays pretty constant in my house since I also have a large tropical fish tank. An enclosure would help moderate that, but I don’t tend to need one personally with my setup.

That being said, if you are going to make an enclosure, never store your fillament in it. The constant heat / cool cycles will tend to make your plastic (especially PLA) brittle over time even if you store them properly for moisture.

Hmm… that is SO not what I wanted to hear… :cry: