Thermal Error E1 - Taz 6

Anyone have any insight into this? I got the error printing t-glase today about 20 minutes into the print. The taz locked completely up had to turn the power off and restart Cura to get to to do anything.
Was printing over USB connection.
Print Temperature: 255
Layer Height .45


If I am not mistaken that is a Thermal Runaway error meaning the machine basically lost track of the temperature.

Assuming it appears to work properly most of the time (after the error happened) I would check all the wiring from the thermistor to the board. Hook the machine up to your computer so you can monitor the temperature and wiggle the wiring along the path and see if it spikes of drops (you can do this at room temperature).

It’s likely the wire to the thermistor has come loose or been pinched at some point (also check the plugs).

Just another note, .45 layer height is very high, are you using a .6mm nozzle or larger? if not that’s too high.

Thanks you for the information and I will check it out this morning.