Thermistor connections?

So after nearly 2 weeks back and forth with support about my nozzle temp problems they decided it was a faulty thermistor, head is out of warranty sorry you will have to buy one, they sent me a link to the lulzbot site and its out of stock. Over a month this £500 head has been out of action now, I’ve bought a couple of thermistors but none have the right connections

Left is the original the right is the one I get sent when I order an e3d thermistor for volcano

Which printer & print-head are you running?

Workhorse and hs 1.2

A thermistor is a resistor that varies its value as the temperature changes. The replacement should have the same resistance range vs. temperature curve as the old one. I believe you can find the manufacturer’s part number and from that the specs of the old one so you can match it.

As for the connector, you may have to do some splicing and soldering. I would cut the new one as close to its connector as possible (i.e. keep as much of the original wire as you can). Cut the old one no closer to the connector than 1-2 inches (3-5 cm). Ideally, use some heat shrink to cover the splice (use google for splicing techniques). There’s no polarity involved so it doesn’t matter which wire connects to which.

It is possible to remove the pins from the old connector but hard to remove the wire so they can be reused. You can purchase new compatible pins and install those on the new thermistor, but make sure you have enough wire length when you are done. That is why I suggest splicing with solder and heat shrink as you can gain a bit of length in that process.

it’s my first time to see it, thank you for sharing it