Was swapping out some parts on my extruder carriage, and the thermistor wires came apart. Can they be fixed?

The thermistor doesn’t seem to want to come out of the hotend easily, and one of the terminals still has the black thermal insulation on it (the other just slipped off)… these wires look pretty delicate though so thought I’d ask for tips before trying to solder them back together. Has this happened to anybody else?

Do I need to heat this thing up with a heat gun to get the thermistor out or what? I don’t mind swapping in a new thermistor but I’m not buying a whole new hotend… but if there’s a way to get the wires reconnected on this one that would be ideal.

Thanks for help as always.

We do not recommend running your hot end with a soldered thermistor.

Soldering your thermistor back together is not a good idea. Most solder fails at ~185c. Your thermistor controls the power going to your hot end, and if it does not read properly can cause a possible safety risk. (Overheating that can damage the printer, or possibly cause a fire.)

You will want to replace the thermistor in order to ensure proper function of your hot end. We have them terminated, insulated, and drop in replacements on our website.

You can find the assembly directions for the hot end in our OHAI kit (You will need steps 4 and 5.)