Thick support structures

I am having to generate supports for large over hangs, but when I do this the supports come out as solid bricks (which as you can guess are not easy if impossible to remove). Is there some way to put more of a gap in the supports?


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I have support xy distance and support z distance. I will change those to be larger numbers and let you know what will happen.

this is excellent, I literally came here for this exact sort of thread. the chances that it was actually created 2 days ago is even better in hopes that we can figure out a solution to help. my issue is similar in that the supports are great but truly hard to remove without leaving gouged areas and needing sanding. I would appreciate any settings figured out that alleviate this issue.

Before Spacing I know it maybe had to tell but this is the spacing at defualt settings which was .3mm xy distance and .1mm z distance

After Spacing
This is with spacing at 3mm xy distance and 3mm z distance. This was the solution and made it much easier to remove.

Those are some big values! Adjust x & y too much and you’ll have no support for short over hangs. Any overhang that comes out from your model’s wall that is less than 3mm will have no support in your case. Make the z value too large and your model’s overhang will dip and produce an undesired result.

That didn’t change the gap that in the support then? Because that is what I am trying to do.

Yes for the Z direction, no for X & Y. For X & Y you changed the distance a support will be constructed away from your wall (3mm from your model’s wall). To have less support material per given distance you need to change your support’s percentage value. It’s works just like the percentage infill value except it’s for the support material.

version = 2
name = High Detail
definition = lulzbot_taz6

type = quality
material = PolyLite_PLA_(Polymaker)_lulzbot_taz6
quality_type = high detail
setting_version = 4

bottom_thickness = 2
brim_line_count = 10
cool_fan_full_at_height = 2
cool_min_layer_time = 30
cool_min_layer_time_fan_speed_max = 30
infill_before_walls = False
layer_0_z_overlap = 0.3
layer_height = 0.13
layer_height_0 = 0.4
line_width = 0.3
material_bed_temperature = 60
material_print_temperature = 205
prime_tower_size = 9.128709291752768
raft_airgap = 0.5
retraction_amount = 1
retraction_speed = 10
skirt_brim_minimal_length = 250
speed_infill = 30
speed_layer_0 = 5
speed_topbottom = 35
speed_travel = 165
speed_wall_0 = 20
speed_wall_x = 25
support_infill_rate = 30
support_xy_distance = 1.5
support_z_distance = 0.1
top_thickness = 2
top_layers = 16
wall_thickness = 2.0

This is the code it reads from. Which line do I change to make the spacing in between the ribs wider or do I have to add a line that the program will reconsider?

This is the line. This is set to 30%. Set it to a lower number.

In the graphical user interface it’s called “Support Density”

Select “Layer View” and you’ll see a visual on how much and where the supports Will go on your model.

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Thank you for helping. I will post more pictures of what this will do.

Rate infill change
This is what happened after the rate changed. This is the right solution.