Cura: No supports on overhangs, even at 0 degrees

I have a part that really wants some small supports, but I can’t get Cura to generate them. I’ve gone to Full Settings, enabled Everywhere support and set the support angle to 0. I’ve tried bigger/smaller numbers for just about everything but can’t get it generate them.

I’m printing using PETG which (in my experience) doesn’t have amazing bridging support. Is there some internal setting for how far it things it can push things horizontally before needing a support?

Here’s a screen shot of my settings. Thanks!

What happens at 45 degrees? What are your other overhang settings? Fill Amount? Distance x/y? Distance z?

Try moving the scroll bar to the right there, it may not just be displaying them correctly but they may be there when you check like layer 4-5.

I’ve been having the same problem. I posted about it here

It seems to be fixed in Cura 3.0. But I’m trying to get some info on how we can run it on our Taz printers.