this is not the way these should be made

inspecting parts these are the ‘y’ travel rail ends that the rods fit into… these should be metal not printed parts with a allen screw tightening !!!.. they are supposed to be in a real bushing or a true hole press fitted not a plastic hole i noticed my ‘y’ travel is stiff … we measured the distance between the rails and there is about a 1/2 mm difference… do ya think is because of a sloppy hole plus the allen screw tightening from one side and is pushing the rail as it tightens to a loose plastic hole changing the distance between the two rails enough to make it a tight travel…yep happens every time… these are very important parts for accuracy and smooth travel somebody please inform the engineers but i’m sure they must know plus a real metal part would cost a little more… but so what makes for a better product!

Based on all your posts, which seem to have a similar theme, I have to wonder if the TAZ is really the printer for you. Perhaps you can still return it? I’m not sure what you’d find suitable for a replacement, but I’d suggest you look at the commercial units – perhaps like a Stratasys unit?

very possible but i haven’t given up yet i still have faith i’ll know more in a few days on what i can live with… i have an excellent old school machinest that helps me when needed and am having him look a few things over … i have had him help me make several special fixtures for my cnc mills and other things … i took a video on my phone today from the shop but can’t post says it’s too large it’s only minute how can i post it i really want to share it you should find it interesting thanks