Thoughts on PolyDissolve S1

Hey All,

My boss just gave me the go ahead to try out a different PVA in our printer and I was wondering if anyone has had success in using PolyDissolve S1. Currently I am attempting to use matterhackers PVA with no luck. I am using a V2 dual extruder head (non flexy). Would Ultimakers brand be better? I’ve heard they have a more rigid PVA that might be easier to use. here are the specs of the printer

Printer: Lulzbot Taz 5

Extruder: LulzBot TAZ Dual Extruder Tool Head v2

Print surface: Build Tak

Mods: Fans (

Let me know if I am missing anything. Thanks :smiley:

Edit: The filaments i am currently interested in are PolySupport, PolyDissolve S1, Ultimaker PVA, HydroSupport and ESUN PVA. Please let me know your opinions and experiences with these filaments and what kind of extruder you used. I would like to try and make a purchase by the end of the week.

PolyDissolve S1 is the one of the best water soluble filaments we’ve tested yet, especially when paired with the LulzBot TAZ Dual Extruder Tool Head v3. Here are our testing notes.

Has any testing been done with it on the v2? As I mentioned above I have performed an upgrade to the fans on the heat sink and have a desk fan pointed at the build plate. Cooling aside can the v2 handle the Polydissolve? I think matterhackers PVA is too flexible for the v2 and I have yet to create a successful print with it.